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Congratulations! You've joined the thousands of certified backflow testers who chose Acugauge as the GO-TO place for budget-friendly backflow test kits, backflow accessories and backflow gauge calibration at ridiculously low prices with no middleman mark-ups.

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Acugauge® 90-Day Exchange Guarantee

Acugauge® is confident that its backflow test kits can match up to any other brand, including Mid-West® and Watts®, and backs that up with a 90-Day Exchange Guarantee. Purchase any Acugauge® brand backflow test kit, and if within 90 days from date of purchase you are not convinced that its performance stacks up to the competition, simply exchange it for full credit towards the purchase price of any Mid-West® or Watts® brand backflow test kit of your choice. This guarantee is in addition to your 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Mid-West® is a trademark of Mid-West Instrument. Watts® is a trademark of Watts Water Technologies, not owned, associated or to be confused with our company.