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Congratulations! You've joined the thousands of certified backflow testers who chose Acugauge as the GO-TO place for budget-friendly backflow test kits, backflow accessories and backflow gauge calibration at ridiculously low prices with no middleman mark-ups.

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About Acugauge® Brand Backflow Test Kits

More than a decade ago, Acugauge® established its backflow test kit manufacturing plant. Since then Acugauge® has been honored to become one of America's leading provider of backflow testing equipment and backflow calibration services.

Acugauge® brand backflow gauges have become the favorite among certified backflow testers and water purveyors in every State.

Our philosophy is simple, to provide water purveyors and certified backflow testers with only the highest quality backflow test kits and calibration services.We want you to shop with confidence and so Acugauge® is the only brand that offers you a 30-day money back guarantee and 90-day exchange guarantee, the best guarantee in the business.