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Acugauge® TK9A Backflow Test Kit 3-Valve

Acugauge® Brand TK9A Backflow Test Kit 3 Valve


Every Acugauge® Brand TK9A Backflow Test Kit Includes:

  • FREE Shipping and FREE Returns
  • 9 Test Cock Adapters
  • 3 Backflow Test Hoses
  • 1 Calibration Certificate Valid for 1 Year
  • 1 Aluminum Instrument Carrying Case
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
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Compare to Watts TK9A, the Acugauge® Brand TK9A backflow test kit used by certified backflow testers for testing backflow preventer assemblies. With the Acugauge® TK9A backflow preventer test kit, you are able to test all makes, models and sizes backflow assemblies, including irrigation, domestic, isolation, containment and fire. The Acugauge® TK9A backflow test kit ships fully assembled and with everything needed to start testing right away: hoses, adapters and carrying case. The Acugauge® TK9A  backflow test kit also comes with a printed calibration certificate valid for one year.

The Acugauge® TK9A is a 3-valve backflow test kit gauge used by water purveyors, irrigation, plumbing, landscape, fire, mechanical and general contractors and other certified backflow testers for testing backflow preventer assemblies.

• Try it Free for 30 days 

• 5 Year Limited Warranty

• Free Shipping and Free Returns in contiguous USA - nominal charge for Alaska and Hawaii

• In stock –  ships 1-2 days

Calibration certificate valid for one year

• 3-valve backflow test kit for testing the following domestic, irrigation and fire-line backflow preventer assemblies:

• Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ)

• Double Check Valve (DC)

• Pressure Vacuum Breaker (PVB)

• Spill-resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker (SPVB)

• Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly (RPDA)

• Double Check Detector Assembly (DCDA)

• Standard 3-valve configuration (high, low, bypass)

• 4.5" Differential Pressure Gauge; scale: 0 -15 PSID

• Free Line Pressure Gauge for conveniently reading system pressure, now required by most water purveyors; scale: 0-160 PSI

• Full set test cock adapters: (3) 1/4" (3) 1/2" (3) 3/4" (total of 9)

• Full set Backflow Test Hoses: (3) 36" color-coded (red, yellow and blue) with ergonomic knurled swivel couplings for easy on and off without tools

• Standard operating 3-valve procedure

• Maximum Working Temperature: 210°F

• Maximum Working Pressure: 175 PSI

• Ships fully assembled with calibration certificate valid for 1 year - start testing right out of the case!

• Aluminum, foam-lined Instrument Carrying Case

• Capable of performing all known test procedures.

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